Most profitable almond variety

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the most profitable varieties of almond trees, in the next post, we will talk about the most profitable variety and that is that the Macaco almond variety has high productivity, an extra-late flowering in addition to the variety most in demand today.


Talking about this variety is talking about safety, quality and high performance. A safe bet! This variety is characterized by its good resistance to diseases.

The almond tree presents a balanced branching, standing out for its semi-open bearing and little need for pruning, being able to be cultivated both in dry land and in irrigated areas. This type of crop has a high productivity, thanks to its much later variation, it is the ideal option for cultivation in lands where it seemed impossible before.

Despite its late flowering, the Macaco almond tree has an early maturity.

Its collection depends on the area, this type of almond requires a collection during the first weeks of September, offering an almond with an elliptical shape and a weight between 1 and 1.2g.

Almond Quality

The almond is the most appreciated dried fruit both nationally and internationally, its different varieties make this crop highly competitive, although we once again emphasize that the Macaco Almond has high productivity and quality, it should also be noted that its shell is quite hard to help storage and can be put away without rotting.


The cultivation and production of almonds have increased considerably in recent years, thanks to improvements in both fertilizers and Anti-frost systems, it has been possible to increase production obtaining greater profitability at the time of collection and subsequent sale.

The price of almonds is marked by the increase in its production and its demand. It is an agreement between producers and buyers influenced by the international market trend.

In Spain, the price is determined by the different agricultural markets, where their prices are published weekly.

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